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Is There Romance After Having Kids?

The honeymoon stage in your marriage is truly ecstatic. Especially if the two of you are living independently away from your in-laws, you can make out and love whenever and wherever you want! But once the baby has arrived, you will begin  to ask: “Is there romance after having kids?”

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Many of you can relate that after the baby was born, the usual relax life that you have can be a bit stressful. Don’t get me wrong, babies are blessings, but caring for a newborn baby which both of you has no experience doing can be a daunting task. What are some of the difficulties  almost every couple experience when the baby is born?

  • You cannot just decide to go on a weekend getaways or spend a romantic dinner at a restaurant.
  • It seems that you almost lost your freedom because the babies should come first above anything else.
  • Making love with your partner can start to dwindle. Babies are notorious in cutting short those passionate moments between you and your partner.
  • By the time the kids are asleep, you are too much exhausted and sex will be the last thing you both would think about.

With the frequent lack of energy and hardly enough time together, you would start to ask: “Is there still romance after having kids?”


But before you give up on romanticizing for that special romantic moment, read on the few tips on how to get that elusive chance to spend time with your man again:

  • Send the kids to either of your parents’ house

If your parents are just living nearby your house, you may want to send your kids to them once in a while. Most of the grandparents beg to borrow your children. Let them at least a day in a week maybe to babysit your baby, there you can have a chance to go out on a date with your hubby. Aren’t grannies your lifesavers?!

  • Find a responsible nanny to attend to your baby

You can do this even before the baby arrives. Find someone who is reliable and responsible. You can ask your friends for referral. Be sure to check all the character references of the person. You wouldn’t want to compromise safety, after all.




Balancing caring for your baby and your relationship with your partner is beneficial to have a harmonious environment in your home. Having kids should not equate to depriving yourselves of sex. Sex is a part of life and one of the human needs that need to be satisfied. It is also a form of therapy and bonding for the couple. A healthy mind and body will enable you to become better parents to your children.


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