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Protect Yourself From Online Dating Danger!

Online dating danger can be right infront of your screen. Many of the dating crimes nowadays resulted from victims meeting their offender over the internet. Some met through social media like Facebook or Twitter and others through online dating sites like Tinder. Despite many warnings that we read and watched, still, we can’t be over-warned especially that the crimes are rampant and were caused by predators whom their preys met online. The internet can never be saturated with warnings. These warnings are very important  to protect everyone from online dating danger especially the minors who are also accessing the internet. Even only one person that is saved is all worth it.


Internet is one of the most useful medium nowadays, but it can also be very dangerous if one is too naive and trusting. People online can pretend to be someone else who is kind, handsome, rich or famous just to get your trust. They can easily search who can be their possible next victims. It is also very easy to grab someone else’s handsome or respectful-looking photo and have it as their profile image. The predators are everywhere, so it is crucial to keep a safety plan in place!


1. Never go out right away with someone you’ve just met online.

This is also true whether you met the person through a dating site or just in a chat room or even offline. You can never tell what kind of a person he is on the first conversations that you had.


2. Another way to keep you away  from online dating danger is to spend some time to get to know the person first

Here, you need to be very investigative. Take advantage of google search. Look over Linkedin, he should have an active professional profile right there if he claims to be someone professional.




3. Spend enough time to know the person

You don’t need to meet right away in person. You can spend time with him video chatting at irregular intervals. This is to know his routines when he’s at home or if he’s actually working, and to see the places he frequents.


4. Don’t give him too much information about you

At this point, still avoid giving out your address, phone number, your place of work, or the company you work for. But ask him casual questions, like if he says he is a widower, you can ask him how many kids does he have and cross-check every information that he gives to the information about him that you can find online.


5. Set Your First Meeting In A Public Place and During Daylight Hours

After all the investigations you made and you find him okay, you can schedule your first meeting in a very public place like mall, restaurant or in a park. Ask your friend to accompany you so he would be aware that someone else knows who you are with just in case something harmful happens. Bring a car so you don’t need to depend on him for a ride home, or you can just go home commuting by yourself.


These are all no-brainer rules that everyone should follow to avoid online dating danger. Don’t be impulsive and forego the rules, always think safety. Dangerous people can be dressed and look decently. You need to be vigilant not to be trapped to their baits.


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