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Is He Still Interested?

Is he still interested? After a few weeks or months, you suddenly start asking yourself if he still wants you.


It’s very easy to tell when you are happy in your relationship. You can’t help but smile with just the thought of him! But why men pull away from the relationship? And where does the line begin to blur between getting at ease with one another and getting bored? It’s hard, sometimes, to see the difference. While you are getting comfortable with him, you may not notice that he is getting bored in the relationship.


Don’t take this for grated because this could ruin your relationship. If you allow this to go on, your partner will most likely to lose interest completely. You need to have that strong intuition to catch it early on to prevent them from leaving you in the future.


Here are some tips to keep the fire burning in your relationship:

Keep Things Interesting

If you begin asking yourself: “Is he still interested?”, it means that your relationship is getting too relaxed or boring. You have to keep  things interesting. But it doesn’t mean to challenge all norms and do extra ordinary things every single day.  It just means that you need to pick up the drooping of sparkle and passion in your relationship. Do something extra special in some unexpected moments. Avoid being too relaxed and confident that he won’t leave you because he might if you won’t keep the relationship exciting.


Maintain Your Self

Don’t disregard your appearance. Although what is essential is invisible to the eye, it is still necessary that you have to be pleasant to the eyes of others especially of your partner. It is so easy to be guilty of this, when you are so comfortable in your relationship, most especially when you are married and have children. You tend to forget grooming yourself and you begin to look way older than your age. He would feel deceived by your bait and switch tactic. Maintain your personal hygiene and put on a little bit of make-up day to day.

You may find the demands of appearance shallow, but that is what initially draws people to each other. Don’t abandon the desire to please your significant other. After all, it is for uplifting your confidence and spirit. Be the same person he fell for the first time.