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Before You Break Up…

For many, there will come a point in any relationship that you will ask yourself, “shall you leave or stay?”. When it comes to breaking up or keeping the relationship intact, no one can judge whether you made the right or wrong decision. Deciding to stay or leave a relationship is an inevitable part of one’s life.



Before deciding to end your relationship, you may want first to do the following:

  1. Think over the reasons why you want to break up with the person

Did your partner cheat on you? Or didn’t keep a promise? Or are you in love with someone else? Communicate your thoughts to the person. If you think, you’re partner can’t take it calmly, you may want to open up first to your most sensible friend. Seek your friend’s objective advice. If you think your partner can be rational, talk to him / her. After all, you are the concerned parties, so it should be the both of you who must talk and settle the matter straight.


Make Him Commit To You


  1. Imagine Yourself being Single

Can you imagine yourself waking up and no longer beside him anymore? Can you see him / her happily in a relationship with someone else and you still feel okay? If you answered “YES” to both of the questions, I believe it is high time for you to say goodbye.


  1. Your Feelings When You Are Together

How do you feel when he or she touches you? Do you feel uncomfortable with it? If so, there is a problem and you have to dig deeper within your feelings.  Are you still enjoying being with him or you just want the time to run fast and end the day?


Those points above are some of the things you would want to think deeper before you come up with the decision. But never forget that love and commitment are beyond feelings. Along the relationship, you would feel burnout and that is just normal but could be avoided. A love, to keep it alive and burning, you must keep the balance. There should be balance in letting your partner grow while you maintain that respect and love for yourself as well. Cliché as it may sound, but love is not selfish, but it’s also not always about your partner. It is the ability to balance. It is one of the important keys to a long-lasting relationship.

But after all that’s been said and done, and yet you feel that it’s not worth it to be in that relationship, it could be the time for you to bid goodbye and move on. You and he might be better off with someone else.


Make Him Commit To You
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