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5 Ways Women Destroy Relationships

In a relationship, it is common for women to be more invested in keeping it going smoothly. Yet, they have the tendency to unintentionally destroy their relationships by doing things that appear to be simple and normal but are actually damaging.

destroy relationships


1. Women Can Be Just Too Nice

Sometimes, even if the guy is actually being impertinent and irritating, yet, you won’t tell him. Worse yet, you are in denial that there is something wrong with him and you just let him go on with his bad ways. It will be better if you tell him straight how you feel of his actions than let it damage the relationship. You wouldn’t want to be a doormat to him, right?


2. You Tend To Be Clingy

In the beginning of a relationship, couples would love to go out all the time. You are getting used to the attention he gives you and you let your world revolve around him, all for him. You forget to spend time with your family and friends and you demand from him to do the same. Relax, give the both of you some space so your relationship won’t be suffocating. You’ve also got to do your own thing. Avoid being too clingy.


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3. Comparing Your Relationship With Other Couples

Maybe, your boyfriend is not as sweet as the other guys you know. He may not be as showy as your friend’s boyfriend and you get so frustrated not to receive flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. And because of this, you start comparing him with the other guys. But throwing a fit isn’t good, either. Never ever compare him to someone else, the same way you would not want to be compared with other pretty hot girls.


4. You Can Be Trying Too Hard

It’s not so helpful if you overdo almost everything in your relationship. You put on candle lit dinners all the time or you always want to impress him with expensive gifts. He’s going to feel the pressure of having to match your efforts.  It’s not to suggest that you shouldn’t do something extra nice sometimes, but you can just be normal and act the real you most especially when you’ve won each other. It is more sustainable.


5. Being Insecure

The lack of confidence or insecurity is very unattractive to men. Being insecure results to the need to always be reassured. You don’t need to say “I love you” 24 times in a day. And don’t force him to say it that often. Just say it when you feel like saying it, when it feels natural. And let him do the same. He’ll say them when he feels them and you need to be fine with that.


Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to forget the usual things that you do before you met him and so as your partner. Encourage growth in each other, give a space to breath and enjoy the moment when you are together. Don’t put so much pressure on it. Your relationship should be inspiring to both of you and should not be the cause of exhaustion. Decide to be happy and share that happiness with the one you love.


Quick Quiz: How Close You Are in Manifesting Your Perfect Love and Life

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